The Minimalist Traveller

Fall colors. Trip to Up North. The picturesque M-119.

Before leaving to Petoskey we took a little walk in Traverse City and even in rain, it was a very charming little town. Turned out, btw, that it was also an “Apple day”, which means that most of the businesses had put baskets with free Michigan apples next to the entrance. Really my kind of day and wouldn’t mind having something like that every day 🙂

Food recommendation in Traverse City: make sure to stop for a slice of pie in Grand Traverse Pie Company or grab some tiny donuts in Peace Love and Little Donuts and have a great dinner in Trattoria Stella (just don’t overeat like we did).

Out of Traverse City we took the Peninsula Drive to north and had again a very scenic drive to the northest point of Old Mission Peninsula – the Old Mission Lighthouse. Since the plan was to get to Petoskey by the evening and check out also Charlevoix on the way, we decided not to spend too much time on the peninsula.

Charlevoix turned out to be a charming little town, however, on that Saturday afternoon we didn’t manage to find any open coffee shop or restaurant. Nevertheless we enjoyed the colors and quietness there.

Northern Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees along M-119 is supposed to be one of the area’s most iconic attractions. The magical, scenic road winds from Harbor Springs to Cross Village. So, on Sunday we decided to check it out.

First stop we made, was Harbor Springs, a sleepy little town with picturesque houses and some lovely cafes. Continuing north from Harbor Springs, soon the road narrows with trees growing up to both sides of the thoroughfare. The scenery – majestic trees, picturesque homes and glimpses of Lake Michigan remains stunning.

Soon after entering into the tunnel of trees, you can make a left turn, drive along a narrow road and reach the Thorneswift hiking trail and some great dunes. Although by far not as high as the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, they were still very beautiful and calm.

Good Hart, our next stop, turned out to be tiny little village with only few houses, but currently hosting a farmers market, which enabled us to stock up some maple syrup products.

After reaching Cross Village we decided to turn around and head back to Petoskey, because we wanted to use the remaining daylight for some biking.