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What to pack when backpacking: how to not over pack

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After being on the road more than half the time in the last years, I’ve managed to make a list of things that fit nicely into hand luggage requirements and can get me through several weeks in Europe or several months in Asia. Want to pack like a pro too? And have a bag like on the left picture not luggage like on the right? 🙂

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I have the items divided into five:
Documents: passport, photos (keep some handy, you’ll get through visa process faster with having your own pics), ID card, credit cards, cash
Tech: camera + charger, phone, external keyboard (my most recent favourite), Kindle, battery charger, converter
Clothes: shorts, skirt, a pair of long trousers like leggings, 4-5 short sleeve tops or tank tops, bikini, underwear, socks, light beach dress, flip-flops
Hygiene and med: microfiber towel, little shampoo, sun lotion, moisturizer, toothbrush and paste, soap, hair brush, painkillers, band aid
Other: head lamp (once you travel to areas where they have power for 4 hours a day, you’ll see the benefit of that), notepad, pen, silk sleeping bag, drinking bottle, crossbody, sunglasses

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One of my favourite brands to wear when in warm countries, is Uniqlo. The materials they use are very lightweight and dry really fast. I have their tank tops, leggings, socks and even an extra light down jacket. Keep in bag for chillier nights.

A microfiber towel and silk sleeping bag don’t weigh much, but can be if not life then at least comfort savers.

I have travelled with laptop and later with tablet. While laptop is the most convenient when surfing or writing, it weighs the most. Tablet is lighter, but incredibly inconvenient for typing longer texts. This external Logitech K380 keyboard is amazing – weighs a little and I don’t have to carry anything but my phone with me.

Another tip I can give, is keep some shirts you don’t plan to wear anymore and pack those when travelling. You can still wear them few times and throw away then. Getting your bag lighter too 🙂

Backpack. Some years ago I was looking for the best lightweight backpack that wouldn’t empty my bank account. I finally decided to go for Vaude Brenta. By far the most comfortable backpack I’ve had. I especially like the net against my back that keeps my back from sweating. It also doesn’t add much to the weight of your luggage.

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Crossbody. I needed a new crossbody for my trips. It had to be right size to fit my camera and water bottle and made out of textile. Went for a great looking and very comfortable gray eBags Villa Crossbody 2.0 with RFID Security.

Vacuum Insulated Travel Water Bottle, Mira

Water bottles. I have two favourites here. When travelling in Asia I have the Eco 700 ml ‘Fill2 Pure’ 100% stainless steel micro purification filter bottle with me. It’s one that I can fill with any water (except sea water) and it filters 99,99% of the bacteria out. The other one is my rather recent discovery – Vacuum Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel Travel Bottle. It keeps your drink hot or cold for hours. I recently had it in hot car for several hours and the water was still ice cold.

I hope this list helps you next time too when packing 🙂