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How we went to opera, but didn’t see the opera

Vienna, festive, Christmas, Weihnachten

Vienna in festive Christmas mood

Vienna, Opera House, National, Austria

Vienna National Opera House

We visited Vienna recently. Apart from enjoying the festive Christmas mood on the best Christmas Markets in Europe, Scott also wanted to see the opera. Or more precisely the Vienna National Opera House. So, he got us tickets with “limited visibility” for Saturday night. We were cool with the limitations. But only until we arrived to our seats and found out that the visibility was limited to zero. None.

The seats in our box were slightly higher than usual, although the reason for that was completely unclear as there was still no view of the stage. Scott finally stood up on his seat to get a glimpse of the show, but with no success. We could only listen to the conversation and music and follow the text or translation also on the tiny screens provided on the wall.

After 15 minutes we had enough and walked out. One can only watch wall or someone’s back for so long. While checking out the interior of the Opera House, we passed by the bar, where Scott told the waitresses, how he traveled all the way form US to Austria and was so excited to experience the opera, but to his devastation the Austrians had other definition for “limited” than we did. Since the waitresses were just bringing champagne bottles on the tables, Scott asked, if we could get two glasses to help us overcome the frustration of “limited visibility”. Well, that did help a little.