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The city that has everything for a great weekend trip: Prague

Prague had been on my to-go list for years. Yet somehow I never managed to get there. Until 2015, when I decided that this is the city where I want to be on my birthday. Spent 5 amazing days in Prague, went back home and got tickets to go back there for three weeks later. And give it few months, I moved there for the winter. But that is another story.

Prague has everything, one can wish for on a city break – great architecture, delicious restaurants (also a lot of vegetarian options) and bars, old town, museums, easy infrastructure, wide footpaths for long walks, lovely viewpoints with incredible views over the city, shopping, lot of parks for lazy afternoons and last, but not least – easy connection to airport.

Lot of cities have great old town or city center and everything else tends to be ordinary, if not boring. Prague – even the greater Prague is just beautiful. The center of Prague is Staré mesto, the oldest part of Prague with the most sights. From there you can reach the iconic Charles Bridge and after crossing it the Castle and Lesser Town (Malá strana). Further popular sightseeing areas are New Town (Nové mesto), Jewish Town (Josefov) and Vysehrad (Vyšehrad).

If you go for more than few days, consider accommodation in Vinohrady. It’s just a little walk to old town, but a lot less crowded than the center itself.


For amazing views over the city go to: Letná Parks / Letenské sady (the famous postcard photo with river and bridges), Town Hall in Staré mesto, Vyšehrad or to the castle.
Must-eat: fried cheese, OMG, you just have to try their fried cheese. My favourite is in Lokál U Bílé kuželky. And grab one trdelnik on the way too.
Must-drink: beer. If you haven’t yet, try Kozel Dark from the mainstream brands. Or go to a place, where they serve craft beer.
For great cakes go to Choco Cafe, Cafe Louvre or Cafe Kakao.
When to go: anytime. It’s especially beautiful and colorful in fall, but looks amazingly bright and fresh in winter. I’ve found it least crowded right after New Year.